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Yes, you read that right: an acupuncture facial. I first found out about this treatment from Elaine Welteroth’s (former editor in chief at Teen Vogue) Instagram story.

She had documented the entire process and swore that it was something everyone must try at least once. Since I work out a lot, I’m always looking for new ways to give my skin some major TLC and get rid of all the dirt and other mysteries hiding in my pores.

I Got Acupuncture on My Face in the Name of Health and Wellness — Here’s What Happened

How It Works

Stefanie DiLibero, L.Ac, cosmetic acupuncturist, and owner of Gotham Wellness, explained to me that cosmetic acupuncture combines Eastern medicine with Western technology to address issues like poor sleep and compromised digestion. Oftentimes, these problems can show up on the face as dark circles, puffiness, and acne.

The Process

First, Stefanie began with a Chinese medical intake to find out what areas to address during my treatment. I was asked what my concerns were (adult acne and hyperpigmentation) and what I was currently doing to treat my concerns. Next, we discussed my current skincare routine, where she gave me suggestions on what items to incorporate into my routine to combat my concerns. After that, the treatment began with Stefanie placing needles in my feet and legs. Then she treated the muscles and acupuncture meridians of my face with a microelectronic current.

“This helps to increase Qi and blood to the face, which gives the skin a brightness . . . and strengthens the muscles, which creates a natural facelift,” Stefanie said. She also said that using a microelectronic current prepares the face for acupuncture by energizing the tissue of the face, making the effect of the needles stronger.


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