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Those plant-based frozen treats you’re seeing all over Instagram are in fact just as delicious as they are pretty.

We taste-tested vegan-friendly Dream Pops at POPSUGAR’s San Francisco office, and surprisingly, no one gave a rating less than a four or five (out of five). Both vegans and non-vegans gave the thumbs up for each of the three flavors we tried: Chocolate Lion, Berry Dreams, and Coconut Latte.

We Tried Those Trendy, Vegan Ice Cream Pops — and They’re Just as Delicious as They Are Pretty

Each coconut-milk-based pop is under 100 calories and free of dairy, gluten, soy, and artificial additives. And if the no-dairy part is turning any of you hardcore ice-cream-lovers off, I can honestly say that Dream Pops are creamy and rich enough to make you forget all about milk.

So, what makes these so special? For one, the health-centered company partnered with a three-star Michelin chef and sourced quality ingredients to make its treats clean yet tasty. But these aren’t good for vegan ice cream pops — they’re good. Period.

See how we rated each flavor ahead!

Coconut Latte

This one is made for those who love both coconut and coffee. Both flavors are easily detectable, but neither overpower one another.

  • “I love this! Not too sweet and reminds me of Blue Bottle’s New Orleans cold-brew coffee.” (4)
  • “I would get this again. More coconut than coffee, but still a good coffee kick.” (5)
  • “Love the texture and latte flavor. The coconut hint is a bit extra.” (4)

Calories: 90
Ingredients: coconut milk, coconut blossom sugar, coffee beans, baobab, vanilla bean, tapioca, sea salt
Average rating: 4.4

Chocolate Lion

Fudge pops have met their match. Any chocolate fan will love this flavor.

  • “I was skeptical, but I love the rich chocolate flavor!” (5)
  • “I’m a vegan and super picky about non-dairy options. This one lives up to the hype.” (5)
  • “Tastes like a fudgesicle.” (4)

Calories: 90
Ingredients: coconut milk, coconut blossom sugar, chocolate blend (cacao, almond, porcini, coconut blossom sugar), lion’s mane mushroom powder, vanilla bean, sea salt
Average rating: 4.5

Berry Dreams

This refreshing variety didn’t attract as many people as its counterparts did, but it won over those who gave it a try.

  • “Creamy; reminds me of Flinstones Push-Up Pops.” (5)
  • “Wow, I love the tartness! Creamy, light, and perfectly sweet.” (5)
  • “More tart than I expected, but love how creamy it is.” (4)

Calories: 60
Ingredients: coconut milk, strawberry, raspberry, passion fruit, coconut blossom sugar, baobab, tapioca, vanilla bean, sea salt
Average rating: 4.6


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