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In 2017, Ana Aguilar was sick of the “quick fix” diet and fitness programs she had tried in the past.

She was ready for something that would last. As a busy mom with a full-time job, she needed something that would work. She decided to sign up for Renaissance Periodization and ended up losing 37 pounds. Here are the details of Ana’s amazing weight-loss story.

Ana Ate This Many Meals a Day to Lose 37 Pounds and Get Shredded Abs

Ana’s Diet

“I was able to lose [37 pounds] by following the RP diet templates,” Ana shared. “RP provided customized templates based on my weight and goals. The templates gave me a list of foods, how much I needed to have, and a guideline on the times I needed to eat.”

Ana was eating “wholesome, nutritious foods” that helped her lose weight and feel great. “I still have a total of five to six meals [a day], depending on if I work out. I will allow myself low-calorie snacks and here and there a cheat meal,” she told POPSUGAR.

Ana’s Workout Routine

Before Ana started RP, she was doing CrossFit, so she kept that up during her weight-loss process. “As a student with a full-time job and a mom to a child under 1, it was hard to get a workout in every day of the week,” Ana said. “Nonetheless, I made it to CrossFit at least twice a week. On days where I couldn’t make it to CrossFit, I incorporated cardio/treadmill running. This was very early in the morning before work or very late at night after putting my son to sleep.”

There are plenty of days she doesn’t feel like training, though. But when those moments come up, she rallies anyway. “[When] I don’t want to work out, I remind myself of how I felt when I was 37 pounds heavier,” Ana shared. “I also now have my son. I want to be able to teach him the importance of fitness and nutrition, and what better way to do it than by showing him by doing it myself?”

Ana’s Advice For People Trying to Lose Weight

“Just start,” Ana said. “Take it one day at a time. I get a lot of women [who] reach out and tell me how impossible it is to start because of obligations at home. I cannot say that it is easy, but I can also tell you that it is possible. You don’t have to spend hours at the gym or cook fancy meals. Start small and take it on from there.”

At the beginning of her journey, Ana kept reminding herself that she saw this “as an opportunity to do something BIG” for herself. “My exact words were, ‘I want to get shredded for my 30th [birthday].’ Little did I know that was exactly what was going to happen,” she shared.

Ana says she gets numerous messages from people online telling her that her transformation has inspired them to start a journey of their own. “Putting yourself out there for millions of people to sometimes criticize you or discredit you is hard, but knowing that I can motivate at least one person to change their lifestyle is the greatest, most rewarding feeling ever,” Ana said.


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