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How To Consume Vegetables in Order To Lose Weight?

If you want to lose weight and eat healthily, more vegetable should exist on your table. Internal Medicine Specialist Dr. Ayça Kaya explained how you can consume vegetables in a healthier way.

To feel hungry less frequently, to feel full for longer time, for your blood sugar not to increase and decrease rapidly, not to experience constipation – you should make more room for vegetables on your table.

Generally, each vegetable is a great carbohydrate and fiber source. I usually liken vegetables to a sponge – there is a riddle in Turkish as “I bought one from downtown, it became thousand at home (the answer is pomegranate!)” and vegetables are the same: you eat one, you intake a thousand.


When we decided to lose weight, the first thing we should do should be making more room for vegetables on our table. We should decrease carbohydrate from bakery products (pilaf, pasta, pie, bread, potato etc.) and instead, we should replace them with watery carbohydrates like vegetables.

To which points should people who want to lose weight should pay attention?

– Consume any vegetable in its own season. In general; tomato, green pepper, red pepper, aubergine, zucchini, gumbo, cranberry beans, green beans and sweet pea are summer vegetables. Cabbage, chard, spinach, black cabbage, broccoli and leek are winter vegetables. During summertime, many women store summer vegetables in freezer. I say, please eat summer vegetables in summer and winter vegetables in winter. This should be one of the first reformations in your kitchen. Because both summer and winter vegetables contain substances that can keep your immune system strong depending on the season. Let’s give up from conserves, soused food and frozen food. If you really want to do this, freeze it a little and consume it within at most 3 months.

– Try to make vegetables richer by adding meat, minced meat, chicken meat, egg or cheese. If you cannot do so, add legume or yoghurt. Because, as water content of vegetables is high, you digest solely vegetable meals fast and feel hungry after short time. In the meantime, such combinations increase the nutrition value of your meal and keep you full for longer time.

– Don’t overcook the vegetable and kill it. If you can, consume raw vegetable. For example, don’t forget to add spinach or leek in your salads.

– Place a few different types of vegetables on your table in every meal. To become satisfied with the look of your meal, you can bring salad, boiled vegetable and vegetable meal with olive oil together on your table. You can also add meat, yoghurt, water and small amount of bread so that you can get all you need for a healthy life.

– The best way to cook vegetables is cooking with steam. In this way, vitamins and minerals can be conserved better. When you boil vegetables, don’t waste the water in which you boiled your vegetables – use it while you are preparing soup.

– Be careful about the oil that you add to your vegetable meal. Don’t use more than 2 table spoons of oil for each 1 kilogram of vegetable and try not to add additional oil to your vegetable meals with meat. Although there is broiled food in your recipe, don’t forget that you can use roasted or boiled vegetables can also be used instead.


– Break the habit of frying onion with oil and then adding vegetable. Always try to add all ingredients at once. Add oil after your meal is cooked.

– Add salt after your meal is cooked so that iodine content of the salt can be preserved. Because, iodine can go bad when it is heated. You know that for your thyroid hormones, iodine is essential and the biggest reason of goiter in Turkey is iodine deficiency.

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