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How Should be the Nutrition in Office?

Busy working environment, many human relations, sometimes over time working till the late hours, high level of stress…

Business life is a part of our life in which we greatly need high levels of focus and productivity. One of the elements which is important among other factors to raise these is NUTRITION. Nevertheless, nutrition is also the one which is passed over and not given the required importance. If the productivity department is established in each workplace, one of the department heads should be a dietician and the productivity in business environment will certainly increase.

The amount and variety of food intake, consuming caffeine and amount of water are among the factors that affect working capacity directly. Of course, in addition to productivity, weight control and digestive system health are highly important. Many people complain about gaining or losing weight because of what they eat in work places, irregular eating habits, and epigastric burning or intestinal problems such as intestinal obstruction.

Well, then how should be the nutrition in office?

Business Life and Breakfast

Do not go out on an empty stomach and do not tend towards fatty pastry and pancake, etc. If possible, have a proper breakfast before you go out. A proper breakfast is the most important step for balancing blood sugar level and maintaining the performance. You should include 1 egg, low-fat cheese, olive, oilseeds such as walnut-almond-peanut, seasonably tomato-cucumber-pepper, greens, etc., sliced vegetables with no sauce and whole grain bread.
As an alternative, you can make an omelet with 1 egg, 1-2 slice of low-fat cheese, herbs like dill, etc. and 1 dessert-spoon olive oil and you can eat with whole grain bread.

Just another alternative is that you can prepare a filling muesli by using sugar free oatmeal, skimmed milk, walnut/almond/nut, dried or fresh fruits and some cocoa-cinnamon.

The days when you cannot have breakfast at home, you can prepare a toast or a sandwich with grain bread+ low-fat cheese and adding some greens, if it is possible and you can eat before you start working at work place.


After breakfast, 2-3 hours later, a refreshment will balance blood sugar level and it will prevent both performance decrease and having an insatiable desire to eat at lunch.

Dried fruits, filling oily seeds such as walnut-almond-peanut, granola or protein bars, a small quantity of bitter chocolate with plain coffee, sugar free fruit yogurt, oat cookie, roasted chickpea are among snack alternatives which can be eaten easily in work places.

Business Life and Lunch

While some work places offer lunch on their own, in other work places, the lunch is eaten out. Both cases have advantages and disadvantages. However, it is up to you how to turn these situations into advantages.

If you have lunch in your workplace:

Most probably, there is a soup in the menu almost every day. You can have the feeling of fullness quickly by starting your meal with soup. Do not forget, soup is the only food that has such a quantity of water in it and is fulfilling!

Your main course is most probably a meat-chicken-fish, vegetable or legume meal. Be careful not to eat fat part of meat and the gravy because it has fat in it.

Stay away from fried and roasted food. When these kinds of food are on the menu, turn to salad/vegetables buffet or search for other alternatives outside.

Eat small amount of these kinds of food or eat none of them such as cooked rice, pasta, pastry, stuffed vegetables or desserts. For instance, bestow yourself to eat dessert only once a week. Consume whole grain bread instead of white bread.

Eat plenty of salad (but with 1 coffee spoon olive oil) and 1 portion of yoghurt, diluted yoghurt drink or tzatziki at lunch.

If the menu is determined earlier, you can prepare low fat meat or a vegetable dish or you can take a sandwich with whole grain bread to eat at lunch when you do not like the menu or it is not suitable for your nutrition program.

If you go outside to have lunch

Stay away as much as you can from fast food chains or go to these places seldom. Occasionally, you can prefer places that offer homemade food, restaurants in which you can eat grilled food or fish dishes, places that offer salads with protein, cafes and restaurants that offer special diet menu and have a calorie control system. It will be reasonable to prepare your lunch at home several times in a week.

When you get hungry in the evening before you go to home…

That is very important! You get hungry after 3-4 hours after the lunch and if you don’t have refreshment, your performance will decrease and you may want to eat lots of things after the work or during dinner after you get to your home.

In these hours, some snacks, such as a fat free toast with 2 slices of whole grain bread, a snack dish prepared by spreading 1-2 coffee spoon of mild cream cheese, mashed chickpeas, acuka, olive paste, sugar free peanut butter on some melba toast, oatmeal, granola bar, protein bar, banana milk, bran biscuit, should be consumed.

Overtimes and Meetings

When you have to do overtime, you most probably need to eat at your workplace. Instead of saying “Let’s order pizza!”, order from places that offer vegetable meals with olive oil, healthy salads or grilled meat meals. If the overtime day is determined earlier, you can take your vegetable meal in a storage box and you can eat it with dairy products like yogurt-diluted yoghurt drink and whole grain bread.

When you have overtime or a meeting, be careful not to skip your meal so that your working performance will not decrease, your immune system will not get weak and your energy level will not decrease. For meetings that take a long time, eat your main course before you go to the meeting and bring some snacks with like dried fruits.

Drinking water in workplace!

At the office, coffee and tea are consumed abundantly, but water is always forgotten. However, beverages you consume like coffee and tea do not substitute water.
If you forget to drink water, you can put a water bottle on your desk and write notes and hang them notes where you can see or you can set reminder alarms. Pay attention to drink 1.5-2 liters of water in a normal day at the office.
Do not forget, if you have a poor health, your business life will not be good as well. I wish a productive and successful business life for you.

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