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Elizabeth Harty was a Division I athlete in college, but her fitness level changed significantly when she had knee surgery.

“The recovery was very hard for me,” Elizabeth told POPSUGAR. “It took me a year to get back running on my feet. When I was finally able to work out, I just felt like the surgery totally changed my body in terms of body composition.”

Elizabeth Lost 15 Pounds by Eating the Same Breakfast Every Single Day (Recipe Included!)

She ended up gaining weight slowly but surely, until she realized she wanted to get back to her previous weight and fitness abilities. “I decided it was time to whip my body back in shape and feel more like me,” she shared. “All I had to do was scroll on the Renaissance Periodization Instagram and I was sold.”

The rest is history. Her starting weight was 135.6 pounds and she lost 15 pounds, ending at 120.4. “I didn’t really have a weight goal other than losing weight and changing my body composition,” she said. “I was doing RP for the journey and life-changing experience.”

Elizabeth says she feels “better than ever.” Most importantly, she said, “I did not ever feel like I was starving myself through this entire process!” Here are the details on Elizabeth’s 15-pound weight loss.

How Elizabeth Changed Her Diet

Elizabeth worked closely with Dr. Jason Miller to make sure her diet was where it needed to be in order to see a transformation. “I had specific times where I ate specific macros,” she shared. “Breakfast was the absolute hardest for me, but I figured it out and every single day I started off with a smoothie. It is all about consistency.”

Keeping things the same and “eating at the same times” helped Elizabeth stick to her goals. “Dr. Miller would update my diet accordingly,” she explained. “He ended up updating my diet two times throughout the 10 weeks, and then a final template which is called the maintenance template. [This] is what you do after a cut with RP.”

Elizabeth’s Daily Diet

This is what her daily food and drink intake looks like:

3:50am: Drink my protein smoothie
7:30am: Either my Oatmeal recipe, or I eat a turkey burger, green beans, and sweet potatoes.
11:30am: I eat another turkey burger with just veggies. I would alternate between green beans, asparagus, broccoli, and cabbage. I would normally do my OTF workout at this time.
3:30pm: I eat chicken or steak with any veggies, and rice for my carb. I would go for a swim at this time.
7:30pm: I eat the same thing as the meal before. If I needed to mix it up I eat salmon or scallops.
9:00pm: I would drink just protein mixed in water before bed.

These are Elizabeth’s favorite types of protein: Ascent Protein powder (chocolate flavor), steak, turkey, scallops, and salmon. Her favorite carbs are whole wheat pasta and sweet potatoes.

“In the second half of the 12 weeks, I started mixing in some fruit for my carbs,” she said. Avocado, cashews, and peanut butter are her favorite fats. “I started using olive oil when I cooked and counted that towards my fats.”

Elizabeth also shared her exact protein smoothie recipe:
1 scoop Ascent Chocolate protein
Blueberries (amount that fit my template)
Strawberries (amount that fit my template)
And just add water and blend!
I call it my chocolate-covered strawberry smoothie!

“Another staple in my RP diet is an oatmeal protein recipe that makes oatmeal taste like a no-bake cookie!” she shared. Here’s the recipe:
3/4 cup oatmeal (or the carbohydrate amount to fit your template)
1 scoop Ascent chocolate protein
And add some peanut butter for your fat macros!

Elizabeth’s Workouts

“I work at Orangetheory Fitness (OTF) so that was my workout for 2-3 times per week. I burn close to 650 calories during each of those 60-minute workouts,” she said. “OTF is the perfect combination of cardio, endurance, and strength!”

On her off days, Elizabeth likes to swim. She usually does this for two hours a week, where she would burn anywhere from 400-600 calories an hour. “Every day I try to just simply move,” she said. “Any movement is better than sitting still, so I would randomly throw in some air squats, or push-ups here and there for fun!”

Elizabeth’s Advice For Women Trying to Lose Weight

“If you are on your own fitness journey, RP or not, it takes time to see results. Even if you have a slip in your diet, get back on track!” she encouraged. “If you give up, then the results will not show.”

Elizabeth recommends finding people online who motivate you, and when you need some support, text your close friends. “If you have set goals you will achieve them,” she added.

As for diet advice, Elizabeth put it simply, “You can never eat enough veggies! Fill up on veggies rather than pasta. This is a lifelong change and you have to eat to survive! So why not fuel your body the right way?”


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