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Eight Immune Enhancing Nourishments

Nutrition and Diet Expert Oya Yuksek, told of the foods strengthen the immune system.


Vitamin C and vitamin A are among the antioxidant vitamins protecting the cells of the body. Orange is one of the most important nourishments strengthening immune system in winter thanks to vitamins C and A it contains. Besides, it does not have a negative effect like increasing blood sugar level fast. If you do not have a problem like reflux, you can eat two oranges in a day without concern. However, you had better prefer orange to orange juice. It would be a healthier choice in terms of taking both fiber and sugar.


Spinach is in the antioxidant group with its vitamin A and vitamin C contents. It protects our cells and prevents our immune system from weakening. Especially, vitamin C increases the use of vitamin A.
In order to have a strong immune system, prefer spinach in your meals two times a week. However; in order vitamin A to be effective, eat spinach as a vegetable meal prepared by adding oil into it, not in the boiled form because oil is a must for use of vitamin A.


Fish is a good source of not only protein but also zinc and selenium. Selenium especially prevents aging of cells and protects heart health. Zinc plays an important role in cell protection as well.
Fish is a nourishment that is rich in omega-3, which is not produced by our bodies and that is why it has to be taken with foods. Salmon, mackerel and tuna fish include omega-3 contributing to removal of the compounds causing health problems. Don’t forget to eat fish two-three times a week.


Parsley is rich in vitamin C, which is also called ascorbic acid, and it protects body from infections. Vitamin C decreases the effect of some toxic elements in body and helps epithelizing.
Parsley is also effective in removing edema from body. You can either consume it as parsley juice or in salads and breakfasts.


Protein is needed for reproduction of the cells in immune system. If insufficient amount of protein is taken, immune system begins to weaken.
Egg white is rich in protein. Egg yolk, on the other hand, both includes iron and vitamin A that is a good antioxidant. You can consume egg four times a week.


Almond and walnut include vitamin E which is an antioxidant. They play an important role in the protection of immune system thanks to this feature of them. Oily seeds like almond and walnut, which are also filling, are frequently used in diets. They are also preferred because they include zinc which is again an antioxidant and helpful for epithelizing. It is beneficial to eat either 2 whole walnuts or 10 raw almonds.


Yoghurt including probiotics which are the beneficial bacteria for our body is important especially for immune system. The reason is that probiotics protect our body, especially the digestive system, against microbes coming from outside.

Increase of beneficial bacteria in body prevents harmful bacteria from being permanent, as well. Probiotics are also effective in the case of constipation or diarrhea. You should eat a bowl of yoghurt every day. You can increase the amount of yoghurt consumption to 2 bowls according to your milk consumption.


Whole grain products like whole wheat bread and oatmeal include vitamins of group B like B6, pantothenic acid, folate, B12 and riboflavin which have effect of protecting immune system. Vitamins of group B are also important for neural system. Besides, whole wheat products like bread and oatmeal should be consumed for adequate fiber intake. It is beneficial to eat at least 3 slices and in average 6-8 slices of whole wheat bread in a day. You can eat oatmeal in 3-4 day in a week in breakfasts and mid-afternoon snacks by mixing it with milk or yoghurt, as well.

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