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Easy Ways To Cut 400 Calories Today

You don’t need a big diet overhaul to slim down. These 50 tips will save at least 100 calories a time!

Cut it out!
Cut 400 calories per day and you’ll drop a pound in 10 days.


1 Ditch the milky latte and go for an Americano with skimmed milk – better still, try a green tea.

2 Swap cheese on toast for beans on toast and by the low-sugar and low-salt variety.

3 Stop your bacon sarnie being too lardy by making it from lean, grilled bacon with tomato ketchup but no butter.

4 Instead of slathering: butter on your toast, top it with a tablespoon of jam.

5 Swap that chocolate croissant for a toasted crumpet with a teaspoon of chocolate spread.


6 Measure out your cereal. Sticking to a 30g serving size can halve the calorie content if you’re used to filling up your bowl.

7 DON’T skip breakfast. Studies show that tucking in first thing can save at least 100 calories over the course of the day.

8 Swap a Pret A Manger Bircher Muesli Bowl for fat-free plain yogurt and berries.

9 Switch 2 whole scrambled eggs for 4 scrambled egg whites, or go for 1 poached egg instead.

10 Change your usual glass of orange juice for a juicy orange instead. It will boost your fibre intake as well.


11 Get out of the office. Research shows that people who eat at their desks consume an average of 250 calories more than those who take a proper break for lunch.

12 Dump the dressing and top mayo, and top your salads with lemon juice or a drizzle of balsamic vinegar.

13 Split your bagel with someone else or save the other half for tomorrow.

14 Make your sandwiches with mustard rather than butter and mayo.

15 Change hard cheese for avocado slices in your sarnie or fill it with reduced-fat cottage cheese.

16 Avoid calorific creamy soups, and go for tomato and veg-based ones or broths.

17 Switch your usual can of tuna in oil for a tin of tuna in water

18 Cut out the croutons in your salad and opt for vegetables such as carrots, celery and peppers to add that delicious extra crunch.

19 Substitute your cow’s milk cheese for feta or goat’s cheese – did you know that 100g of feta has 150 calories less than 100g Cheddar?

20 Ditch the crusty baguette and go for a sandwich wrap instead.


21 Swap your usual pork or beef bangers for Quorn sausages – they’re a tasty change and contain just 70 calories each.

22 Downsize the vino. Drinking from a 125ml glass will slash calories too.

23 Always trim the fat off your meat before cooking and drain any excess fat from the pan.

24 Serve pasta with fresh tomato and basil sauce instead of pesto.

25 Reduce your portions of carbohydrates such as rice, pasta and potatoes by half and fill up your plate with vegetables or salad instead.

26 Any chicken you eat should be skinless – just 20g of cooked chicken skin can provide about 100 calories.

27 Make Thai curries with reduced-fat coconut milk to cut around 200 calories.

28 Dry-fry when making stir-fries and swap great glugs of olive oil for a cooking oil spray when making other dishes.

29 Replace a jacket potato with coleslaw and melted cheese, for one served with baked beans and a large green salad on the side.

30 For the family roast, go for a lean leg of pork (290 calories per 100g), instead of a shoulder of lamb (320 calories) or even better, beef (275 calories).


31 Leave the guacamole alone and dunk your nachos in salsa instead. The same goes for that sour cream dip.

32 Have your ice cream in a bowl instead of a cone, to save calories.

33 Put down the peanuts and get your snacking fix instead from Japanese rice crackers or olives.

34 Change your Dairy Milk bar for a fun-size Milky Way.

35 Munch on crisps from a bowl not a bag, to halve your portion size.

36 Stop scoffing blueberry muffins and go for a fruit scone.

37 Dip your pitta bread in half a pot of tzatziki instead of houmous.

38 Rather than nibbling on 4tbsp of raisins, pick at 100g fresh grapes.

39 Instead of a chocolate brownie, try an Aero mousse with two chocolate finger biscuits.

40 Freeze grapes, slices of watermelon and berries for low-calorie but highly nutritious alternatives to sugary ice creams and traditional desserts.


41 Downsize that large fizzy cola to a small one.

42 Plump for steamed or boiled rice rather than fried when you go for a Chinese.

43 Change your chicken tikka masala for a tandoori chicken and dhal.

44 Ask for extra veg and halve the amount of cheese on your pizza.

45 Choose plaice, not haddock or cod, at the chippy.

46 Swap a Big Mac for a cheeseburger.

47 Before serving, dab your fish and chips with kitchen paper to mop up excess grease.

48 Choose a pizza with a thin base and swap fatty toppings such as pepperoni, salami and ham for sweetcorn, chicken and tuna.

49 Skip the crispy duck in your Chinese. Go for sesame prawn toast instead.

50 Choose a chapatti rather than a calorie-crammed naan.


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