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Don’t Consume Fruit After A Meal!

One of the most common habits of us is eating fruit just after our meal while watching TV or while still sitting at the table. But, do you have any idea how harmful is eating fruit just after a meal?

Dr. Gönül Ateşsaçan stated important points about how we should eat.

The important points of eating are: what you eat, how you cook it, what you eat with it, when you eat it and how much you eat.


If you consume foods of animal origin during daytime and vegetables after the sun sets, our metabolism is not disrupted. vegetarian recipes

– Proteins of animal origin in the morning
– Proteins of animal origin at noon
– Vegetables and carbohydrate-rich foods after the sun sets


– Vegetables are better cooked with steam, by boiling or by grilling in oven.
– Adding oil as meat is being cooked disrupts its absorption and causes weight gain. If possible, don’t add oil while you are cooking meat, fish and chicken.
– 1 tablespoon of oil may be added to vegetables, pasta and pilaf as they are being cooked.
– Charcoal-broiled meat is carcinogen, it shouldn’t be consumed frequently. If we think it is not harmful and eat it frequently during summer times, it may harm our digestion system.


– Fruits should be consumed 2 hours after a meal – if they are consumed just before or after a meal, they cause weight gain.
– It is better not to mix fruits with each other.
– Protein sources of animal origin like meat, fish and chicken should not be consumed with cheese, milk and yoghurt frequently.
– In the morning, you should consume proteins of animal origin and carbohydrate from grains.
– For lunch, proteins of animal origin and vegetable/green salad should be consumed together
– For dinner, vegetable meal and carbohydrate from grain group of foods should be consumed.


– Breakfast should be had until 9:00am and dinner should be had until 8:30pm during summer time. For your metabolism to be healthy, night sleep is crucial.
– If we sleep between 12pm and 4pm, our hormones work properly.


Everyone has a stomach of which size is that person’s 2 palms. It is ideal to consume the amount that corresponds to your 2 palms for main meals and 1 palm for refreshments.

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