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Creep Low Like a Snake: Trying Tai Chi for the First Time

Embrace the tiger. Repulse the monkey. Creep low like a snake. I was bumbling my way through my first tai chi class, feeling incredibly uncoordinated, a little self-conscious – and totally relaxed.

“Why do you want to try tai chi?” the instructor had asked upon meeting me.

“To destress!!!” I replied, with a bit too much enthusiasm for a room full of senior citizens.

Just a little while before, I had been searching what to wear to tai chi class on Google. Dressed in loose clothes, I set off walking through the park to the community recreation center. And I was stressed. STRESSED. One of my dogs was very sick. One of my clients was very unhappy. My father was scheduled for knee surgery the next morning.

And to top it off, I came across a thick, black, six-foot snake winding around in a puddle a few steps off the path. I gasped in surprise. Just breathe, I thought to myself – after snapping a pic of the beast, of course.

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