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After a breakup, many people find going to the gym becomes a kind of therapy to boost their confidence, help them through feeling sad and lonely, and mend their broken heart.

That’s just what happened to Ashley Foster, 27 years old, and aside from healing after being heartbroken, she lost an astonishing 122 pounds. Keep reading to hear her inspiring transformation story and to see her incredible before-and-after photos.

Ashley Dropped Over 120 Pounds Doing This Twice a Day, 3 Times a Week

Ashley’s Starting Weight

Ashley began her journey in the beginning of 2016. She shared with POPSUGAR, “After a horrible breakup I needed something to focus on, and my sister recommended going to the gym to work out my frustrations.” Her starting weight was 270 pounds, and that’s when she began working with a trainer.

Ashley’s Workouts

Initially for the first couple months, she worked out twice a day, three times a week. As the weight started to fall off, she decreased her workouts to once a day, three times a week. Ashley shared, “In the morning I ran two to four miles before school, and then met with my trainer at night to do a HIIT workout plus weights!”

Ashley’s Diet

Ashley followed a low-carb diet, aiming for about 1,400 calories a day. Here’s an example of what she ate:

Breakfast: egg whites or boiled eggs, turkey bacon, and a banana
Lunch: salad, grilled chicken breast with veggies, or ground turkey with spinach
Dinner: similar to lunch, and always consumed before her evening workout session
Snack: pickles, hummus, raw veggies, protein shakes, fruit, baked chips on occasion, and sugar-free Jell-O

How Long Did It Take to Lose 122 Pounds?

With consistency in her fitness routine and diet, after eight months, Ashley lost 122 pounds! Now she works out five days a week, for about an hour and a half. She said, “I do 30 to 45 minutes of cardio and 45 minutes of weightlifting.” She consumes 1,600 to 1,800 calories, focusing on a diet of lean meats and tons of veggies.

Nonscale Victories

Aside from dropping the weight of an entire person, Ashley was so excited to be able to shop for cute clothes. She loved trying on clothes and then realizing they were too big for her. Ashley said, “I started out as a size 22 and I am now a size 6! I also loved taking pictures and pairing them next to old photos to visually see my progress.”

Ashley Gets Real About the Scale

Ashley said, “I had a bad habit of getting on the scale, which can be really disappointing if you don’t see a change in numbers! My advice is to throw away the scale because it doesn’t always show true progress!” Obsessing over numbers can mess with your head and your motivation, so this is great advice.

How Does She Stay Motivated?

Ashley said, “Initially, I had several people who held me accountable when I was still learning to be disciplined. My trainer and sister were extremely hard on me and made sure I went hard every single workout!”

Another motivator is seeing her results. “Once you start seeing your body change, it becomes addicting!” She said there will be days you’re not going to work out, and “on those days I make sure I give a little bit extra in the gym!”

Ashley’s Advice

If you’re on your own weight-loss journey, make sure you have supportive people around who can lift you up and keep you accountable. Ashley added, “There will be times you doubt yourself. Push through those feelings and keep going; it’s totally normal!”

Another good point is that it’s normal to be hungrier than usual when you first restrict your caloric intake. Drink tons of water and try to stay busy, because thirst and boredom may be the reason you’re used to eating.

Ashley said, “Always do one exercise you hate every day, as this will help you master it and get stronger! Always switch up your workouts, and make it uncomfortable.”

This journey will probably be one of the most challenging things you will do, but we promise that the good outweighs the bad — you can do this!


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