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5 Ways to Harness Your Personal Pleasure, Sexuality, and Wellness

Whether you’re naturally shy, lacking in sex ed, or feel like you’ve lost your true self somewhere along the way, it is possible to take back control of your personal pleasure, sexuality, and wellness.

By doing so, you’ll not only open yourself up to an increase in self-assuredness, sexual liberation, and self-identity, but you’ll also make room for more happiness in your life.

Fortunately, our crazy-talented expert and female sexual health advocate, Meika Hollender, is here to help women of all ages, races, and classes work on having their own epiphany when it comes to their personal sexuality and gratification. She’s the author of “Get on Top: Of Your Pleasure, Sexuality & Wellness: A Vagina Revolution,” the modern woman’s go-to guide for all the questions you could possibly have about sex, and co-founder of the first brand of natural sexual wellness products, Sustain Natural.

Through her work with Sustain Natural, Hollender said that she has had the privilege of speaking with thousands of women in person and online. “I started to notice a common thread of women coming to me to ask really basic health issues around sexual and reproductive health. Then, about two years ago, I launched a national campaign called ‘Get On Top’, which was aimed at getting young women to pledge to practice safe sex,” said Hollender.  “As part of this campaign, we partnered with Tumblr to do a version of their ‘Ask Me Anything’ where people could submit questions about sexual health. Within hours, we had thousands of questions.”

The results of this campaign inspired Hollender to create a platform–her book–“to provide accurate, sex-positive information about sexual and reproductive health, and ultimately start more open conversations around these topics.”

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